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Find People Search is a new website brought to you by the founder of the people search industry. Nick Matzorkis started the people search revolution with his creation of US SEARCH in 1993. US SEARCH was the first company to access offline public records and make them available to anyone wanting to locate long lost friends and family members. Many people remember the television ads which ran so frequently during the 1990's with the voiceover, "Find Anyone Right Now, Call Nick & Rob at 1-800-U.S. SEARCH". Nick Matzorkis went on to launch PeopleData and ZabaSearch, two more pioneering people search engines, which together with US SEARCH, have shaped the people search industry for two decades.


Today, there are seemingly countless people search websites. Many gather their information from other online sources including social media sites, some from public record databases, and others access court records, voting registrations, and real property records. When wanting to conduct a simple search for someone online, it can be overwhelming determining which sites provides the best information, when it makes sense to pay for additional information, and which sites are simply trying to trick you into believing they have the information you are looking for in order to get you to use your credit card only to find out the additional information paid for is not current, relevant and/or is available for free on other websites. Find People Search sets out to give you an opportunity to check to see if the information you’re looking for is available for free by accessing online marketing databases. The information in Find People Search isn’t always current, but it is always free and give you a chance to exhaust all options before having to spend money.

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Having sold all of his people search companies and being out of the business for 5 years, Nick Matzorkis continues to be frequently asked for advice on how to best find people and find additional information about people online. The answer isn't simple in that each people search is as unique as people are themselves. Any particular people search site may be perfect in locating information about one person, but not be useful in locating someone else. This is why Find People Search was created. To offer an opportunity to quickly and easily find information available for free but is not available on other people search sites.

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Now, with Find People Search, you can access free information available online about someone in one easy free search. This allows you to quickly determine if the information you are seeking is available for free online or if paying additional fees is necessary to bring your search to a successful conclusion.

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